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Free Book Pick Up Service

Free Book/Media Pickup Service

We will pick up your gently used books and media, including records, CDs, DVDs, video games etc. Let us do the packing, hauling and rehoming.

Cost: Free!

See Us Your Books

Sell Us Your Stuff

Selling your books and media to us means your items will get another chance at a new home. Allow us to rehome your gently used items and give you cash or store credit in return!


Bring us your gently used books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, vinyl records and video games. Leave it with us while you browse the store so we can assess your stuff’s value.

Cash/Credit: Depends On Items

Why 510 Books

We have helped thousands of customers find awesome books to read, music to listen to, movies to watch and games to play. They love our organized stores and helpful staff.

Our free pickup service and rehoming of thousands of books and media have enabled our customers to find new items for themselves. This recycling/reusing process has given life to many items that would have otherwise been tossed.

3 Years Experience

New Homes For Books

Free Pickups